Yantra means  soul energy diagram—a map of the energetic structure of a divine soul. For example, there is a yantra for Divine Mother, that is called the Sri Chakra. There is a yantra for Shiva, for Jesus, and for you too— your personal yantra, the diagram of your own soul energy structure.  Understanding how to use mantras creates an extremely powerful positive force to help you come out of your problems and negative karmas, to reach your soul’s true aims, to directly access the divine vibrations and spark within, and to maintain high divine vibrations throughout your life. 

Yantras from the palm leaf manuscripts carry the  highest divine energies. They work powerfully on all of your chakras in your body and, most importantly, your soul. If we make a yantra on copper or silver or gold  it will constantly generate incredible healing vibrations wherever it is placed. 

For millennia, the saints in India have surrounded themselves with yantras to pull Cosmic energy into their soul and purify their environment, create high protection circles and  vibrate with high positive energy. Yantras are a powerful tool for any spiritual seeker wanting more experience and understanding of their own divine capacity.

Mantra + Yantra

Any saint, any person, who wants to win spirituality, has to go through these three doors—mantras, yantras, and the creation of a new divine energy. When we combine a mantra and a yantra and implement those energies together, we create a new high divine energy. You are chanting the mantra and visualizing the yantra to create this new energy. If you miss even one door, you can’t reach your goal.

Mantra means the divine vibration. Yantra means the soul diagram, the hidden energy home. With the mantra you can suck the power and you can give the power. While chanting when you’re in the highest deepest trance you can see visions of the yantras. Then, with the mantra and the yantra, like a flame using the gas, you can make it run. The high divine energy that you receive from putting the yantra and mantra together has a huge effect. Fixing the yantra, bringing the mantra, and channeling it to remake the energy and change the vibrations, put it in your own style, then throwing it into nature to make it work. It’s a kind of technique to make your will come true. Mantra, yantra, then creating a new divine energy—that’s it. More than that, nothing is there.

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