The Paramashiva Healing Center offers on-going courses rooted in the deep knowledge of the ancient palm-leaf manuscripts of India. This information was revealed by Sri Kaleshwar of Penukonda and is now being taught for the first time in Austin by Ramakrishna Ananda & Kayla McGee.


In 1987 Ramakrishna entered the spiritual path when his step-father Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements) took him as an apprentice at the age of 17. He worked closely and intensely with Don Miguel in esoteric Toltec shamanism and was named a Nagual of his lineage. Ten years later, with Don Miguel’s blessing, he moved to India to live and study with a supernatural Indian saint named Swami Kaleshwar. Sri Kaleshwar’s life mission was to release the top ancient knowledge that has been alive for thousands of years but kept hidden, being passed to only one or perhaps two students through a continuous lineage.  Sri Kaleshwar said we are now entering the darkest part of the darkest age of humanity and that this needed knowledge belongs to humanity as a whole, not a select few.

Through sharing what he has learned Ramakrishna's ambition is the same as Sri Kaleshwar's: To spread this knowledge to help the world and to create spiritual masters, not students.


Kayla McGee is the co-owner of the Paramashiva Healing Center.  Her spiritual journey began over 15 years ago when she first asked the eternal questions: Why am I here?  What's my purpose?  Those questions led her to Transcendental Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and then to the mystical study of Kabbalah and finally to the Paramashiva power channels.

She now works with Ramakrishna to bring this knowledge to the world through speaking engagements, retreats, and power journeys to India.  She offers meditation instruction, spiritual counseling and healings by appointment.