Paramashiva literally means the supreme creator, the supreme reality. It is also the final stage of consciousness attained when a soul realizes its true nature and melts back into the Divine.  Paramashiva Way is a progressive study of the enlightenment systems that come directly from palm leaf manuscripts, the ancient texts of India that reveal powerful formulas to unlock and develop a direct personal channel to the Divine.

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Ramakrishna Ananda

Ramakrishna lived and studied directly with Sri Kaleshwar in India for 15 years.  Since returning from India in 2012, he now dedicates his life to spreading these ancient enlightenment and healing techniques with his students. 

To understand this creation, birth and death and everything running between them, is the ultimate research that a person can undertake. Science has undertaken one level of research. But to recognize God, to see God, to communicate with God, to demonstrate miracles, and give that experience to someone else, that is the ultimate research. That is the research of a soul scientist. That is the information written on the palm leaves.   If you use these powerful tools, you will see the results in your life. 

Our courses are taught in a progressive way as students integrate these deep learnings through personal practice and the guidance of a personal teacher.  Paramashiva Way utilizes the sacred tools of mantra, yantra, meditation, fire pujas, sacred ceremonies of purification and protection, and power journeys to accelerate the soul's growth.



Sri Kaleshwar + Shirdi Baba

All the knowledge and techniques we teach came from the ancient palm leaf manuscripts of India.  Sri Kaleshwar brought this knowledge out to the world.  His teacher was Shirdi Sai Baba.

Previously these manuscripts were hidden from the world. They have been handed down through the lineages of saints in India, protected and kept secret. Only a few were given access. Now the time has come to utilize this knowledge to help the world in this time of great need. This knowledge reveals the formulas to unlock and develop a direct personal channel to the Divine.

The Paramashiva Healing Center in Austin offers on-going meditations, satsangs (spiritual discussions), fire pujas and bhajans (devotional singing) that are open to all students regardless of level of study or practice.  Private healing, counseling, or training with Ramakrishna is available by appointment.