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Shivaratri Satsang


Shivaratri is the most powerful night of the year. On Shivaratri night, Shiva, the Supreme Consciousness, wakes up from his eternal meditation and assumes form to bless the world and to take our negative karmas. It is said that you can miss meditation every night of the year, except on Shivaratri night.

Join us for this beautiful satsang with Ramakrishna to understand how to use the energy of this powerful night to bring blessings in your life.

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Om Ling-aas-ta-kam Need-dam Puun-yam
Yah-pa-tay Shee-va San-nee-dhau
Shee-va-lo-ka Mavaap-noti
Shee-vay na Sahaa-mo-ga-tay


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Group Meditation
Later Event: April 11
Bhajans (Devotional Singing)