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Group Meditation

Group meditations are held every Sunday from 11:00 - 12:00.

When the mind becomes quiet, the soul wakes up as if from a deep sleep. Your soul begins to teach you about yourself and about the creation. The soul has unlimited knowledge and power. Your soul is a piece of God; the entire creation is hidden in your soul, just as a huge redwood tree is hidden inside a tiny seed. Whatever you need to know, wherever you want to go throughout the galaxies, whatever you want to see, you can experience from inside yourself. The soul will show everything to you.

“When you sit in the deepest silence meditation stages, there is no need for anyone to teach you,” Sri Kaleshwar said, “Your heart automatically makes you receive a lot of information, beautiful thoughts, beautiful energy. The ones who discovered great things controlled their mind. If their minds were crazy, they wouldn’t discover anything. They focused on one subject and discovered it.”

Meditations are at a private home in Travis Heights.  If you don't have the address, please email  

(Please arrive 10 minutes early)

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