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Intro to the Paramashiva Way

The Paramashiva Way is a study of the ancient texts of India that for thousands of years have only been available to the yogis of India.  The implementation of this knowledge is a soul science, apply these soul mechanisms and you will get the desired results.

This course is taught as a progression so that students might learn, internalize and practice the deepest concepts with other students and a teacher.

The Paramashiva Way is a on-going course that works through the different enlightenment systems revealed by Sri Kaleshwar.

The class will include the following:

+ 12 live weekly classes (and recordings in case you miss or want to re-play)
+ Once a month one-on-one meetings with Ramakrishna
+ Introduction to the 5 Elements mantra meditation and healing system
+ Selection of your personal mantra
+ Introduction to divine power channels

As we progress deeper into the enlightenment systems, more advanced techniques and practices will follow.

Later Event: February 19
Group Meditation