What is Vaastu?

Vaastu is the ancient science of architecture that teaches how to live in harmony with Nature and how to influence Nature so that it works for your benefit.  Vaastu  was discovered by the ancient maharishis through their meditations and direct observations of Nature.  Vaastu is the science of designing and building homes according to the eternal laws of Nature. The science of Vaastu is a very practical, effective way to solve many of life’s problems.

Ramakrisha is among a handful of people who received the  Kalaeshwar Vaastu Certification in 2012.   If you are interested in working with Ramakrishna on the design or search for a Vaastu property, please first set up a free initial consultation.

Transform Your Life Through Vaastu

Your home’s Vaastu impacts every aspect of your life. Good Vaastu in the places where you live and work brings good fortune, while bad Vaastu creates unnecessary suffering and hardship into your life. By following the principles of Vaastu you can transform the quality of your life, change your experience and alter your destiny. 

You can use Vaastu in your life to:

  • Improve health and happiness
  • Increase financial success and abundance
  • Heal physical and emotional suffering
  • Increase capacity to manifest what you want in your life
  • Cure ailments and disease
  • Improve your relationships