What is Vaastu?

Vaastu is the ancient science of architecture that teaches how to create structures that increase the positive, life affirming energies of Nature.   Discovered by the ancient maharishis through their meditations and direct observations of Nature over thousands of years, Vaastu is the science of designing and building spaces so they are aligned with the beneficial forces of Nature. It pre-dates Feng Shui by thousands of years and is often called the “Indian Feng Shui”.

How a space increases or decreases the positive or negative aspects of the Five Elements will affect the health, mentality, peace of mind, prosperity, relationships, and success of those living or working in that energetic field. Supporting, sustaining, and destroying are all aspects of Nature. Through Vaastu we can harness the supporting and sustaining energies of creation.

To understand this a little more deeply, let’s take the fire element as an example. There are both positive and negative aspects to fire. Fire when in balance brings light, warmth, energy, and is related to our health — the temperature and constitution of our body. Clearly fire is a force of nature that can also destroy and when out of balance in our own bodies brings illness. The same can be said for air, water, and earth. They each have a life affirming, supportive aspects and life negating or destructive aspects.

Whenever a structure is created, that structure has it’s own relationship to the elements—that is to say, it increases certain aspects of each element and decreases aspects of each element. There’s no way to escape it! The quality of those energies creates an overall field, the Vaastu, of that structure. Your home’s Vaastu, for example, impacts every aspect of your life, whether you believe in Vaastu or not. Good Vaastu in the places where you live and work brings good fortune, while bad Vaastu brings unnecessary suffering and hardship into your life.

By following the principles of Vaastu you can transform the quality of your life easily and powerfully. The results are truly amazing. You can transform anyone’s life. You can change your experience and alter your destiny. With good Vaastu, health, happiness and success come much more easily. While with bad Vaastu, obstacles, problems and hardships will come, often seemingly without reason. Until you experience it, it’s very hard to imagine the change can be so dramatic.

Indian saint, Sri Kaleshwar, became the greatest Vaastu consultant in India during his fairly short life. Given that his peers at that level of achievement had been learning and practicing Vaastu for longer that Kaleshwar had been alive should tell you how remarkable a feat this was. The difference is that Kaleswhar was a living saint, a siddha able to transform matter at will. His understanding of the forces of nature, therefore, was at a completely different level — to the point he could prove it practically in an instant! He was adamant about spreading the the teachings of Vaastu to Westerners because of how easily and powerfully people could change their lives for the better.


“Forty to sixty percent of your problems can be solved through Vaastu. I’m not kidding. Following Vaastu means following nature — living in harmony with the great five elements.”


Ramakrishna is among a handful of people personally certified by Sri Kaleshwar as a Vaastu consultant of Kaleshwar Vaastu. Sri Kaleshwar was a siddha yogi and fine tuned the ancient principles of Vaastu for the needs and challenges of today’s modern world — giving priority to peace, prosperity, and well being .  If you are interested in working with Ramakrishna on the determining the Vaastu of a living or work space, or to search for a powerful Vaastu property, please click the link below to schedule a free consultation.


“I was living in my ‘dream home’ when a neighbor suggest I have Ramakrishna come over and look at the Vaastu of my home and property. He had worked with her on the location and design of her home and the impact to her life was profound, so I was excited and a bit nervous to hear what he would have to say about my house. He asked me how my relationship with my husband was since we moved here and about my overall level of happiness and well-being. The truth is almost as soon as we moved into the house, my marriage started to fall apart. I also found that I woke up every morning feeling like I had a ton of bricks on my chest which was unlike me, normally I popped right out of bed in a good mood and went for a jog. He told me the placement of my pool caused heartbreak and depression for the women and also relationship problems which is exactly what had happened in the short time we were in the house. I ended up getting a divorce less than a year later and then I worked with Ramakrishna to choose a new property.

I have now been living in good vaastu for 2 years and the difference is incredible. The sadness and depression and “ton of bricks” feeling is a distant memory. I am now in a beautiful, loving, healthy relationship. I started a new business which has been incredibly successful and I just feel like I’m working with the wind behind my back instead of blowing me over. It really is hard to describe until you experience it for yourself.”

Michelle F. Austin, TX

“People often comment on the energy of my home when they first enter it. It is palpable to people who know nothing about why that energy is there. Having moved from very bad Vaastu to living in a home that was designed from the beginning using Kaleshwar Vaastu I can distinctly feel the difference between having the energy at my back supporting me and lifting me up versus working into challenge after challenge. Ramakrishna’s expertise has been invaluable. I wish for a world in which everyone lived in good Vastu”

Marie C. Austin, TX