Unlocking the Power of the Pyramids

We all have the divine within us, we simply need to remember who we are.

The ancients knew this.  In our modern lives we've lost touch with that deepest and most divine part of our self.  The path of enlightenment is one of removing the layers of illusion like a snake shedding it's skin so that we can become what we already are, divine souls.

Power journeys and power spots are tools of enlightenment that have been practiced for thousands of years because they work.  Join Ramakrishna on a journey to unlock the great power of the pyramids of Teotihuacan.  

The aim of this trip is not only to awaken and reconnect with that divine aspect of ourselves, but to carry it back into our daily lives.

Every day we will be taking part in sacred processes that utilize the energy of the pyramids to:

+ Bring a new level of consciousness into your life
+ Receive clarity about yourself
+ Remove layers of illusion and personal blocks
+ Purify the womb chakra (yes, for both men and women)
+ Wash out heartbreak
+ Heal relationships
+ Create protection circles

Early Price: Now until February 23rd, 2017.-  $995 USD
Standard Price: After February 23rd, 2017.- $1,195 USD

4 nights hotel accommodation
3 home cooked meals per day
Park entrances
Group transportation to and from Mexico City Airport at designated times
** All pricing is double occupancy, and we can match you with a roommate