Why do the saints of India gather in the holy Ganges river every morning before sunrise?  


What is the inner secrecy of this process?  

Sri Kaleshwar shared the following:

"The main purpose of the sun is to generate the energy in the universe. To give the energy for the nature to flow and at the same time remove the darkness.  90% of the highest healing power in the universe is hidden in the sun.  

When you connect to the sun energy through the perfect prayers and process, you can begin to hear the sounds of the different souls talking — the angels, the souls, and the spirits.  You can see the creation moving around you because the sun is the biggest witness. 

Who does such type of things is called a holy person, a powerful soul, an enlightenment soul. That ability, that power and energy you can receive through this ancient Surya process. It comes by connecting to the inner cosmic energy of the Sun. "

Surya Process

Ramakrishna currently offers private session to learn the techniques, mantras and yantra of the ancient Surya Process.  The Surya Process is a powerful technique for harnessing the sun's energy to pull the highest cosmic energy, purify negativity, open and increase third eye capabilities and to activate self-healing.

This 2-part course includes the following:

+ 4 techniques for connecting with and harnessing the energy of the sun
+ Mantra meditation practice for connecting with the sun's energy
+ Instruction on drawing the Surya yantra onto copper
+ Instruction on charging the yantra and using it as a power object
+ Fire puja to charge the yantra
+ We will meet before sunrise to do the sunrise surya meditation together
+ 1 hr private meeting with Ramakrishna (to be scheduled anytime)

Dakshina: $350


Scholarships, Seva & Payment Plans

Sri Kaleshwar’s mission was to create spiritual masters throughout the world, especially in the West. In turn, his students’ sacred duty is to use this ancient knowledge to teach, to heal, and to bring enlightenment to all who seek it.  Therefore we have come up with scholarships, payment plans and seva incentives to make this knowledge available to all.

Email kayla@paramashiva.org to learn more and apply.


Anyone interested in working or studying with Ramakrisha is welcome to first schedule an initial consultation.