Direct understanding of the Sri Chakra prepares you for the stages of connecting to Mother Divine in both her energetic and physical form. In order to prepare for the experience of receiving Her darshan, it is important to deeply understand the structure of Her energy; and to directly understand the Creation ‘center point’—the nada bindu—the point where the Mother balances the energy coming into and out of Creation. Everything in Creation enters and exits through this center point. It is through the nada bindu that you can pull the siddhis, the eight powers of Mother Divine, which are the tools to cut through the illusion. In this process, through the study and application of the Sri Chakra yantra—a soul energy diagram or ‘blueprint’— in conjunction with specific mantra meditation practices your soul becomes highly charged and divinely purified with Her energy. 

According to Swami Kaleshwar, “If you understand the Sri Chakra energy, if you understand the mantras’ energy, if you really fix those vibrations in your soul, you absolutely have a bullet proof protection to your soul. Even though She’s sitting there, you have to understand Her and once you understand Her, that’s it, you can walk.” Mother’s energy is a huge energy, amazing and intense. You must be able to handle it—to handle seeing and talking with Her—because winning Her means winning (overcoming) the illusions.

For anyone who wants to win Mother Divine, even a powerful healer, saint or siddha, has to go through the Sri Chakra. You need to be able to access the Sri Chakra’s energy, to carry that divine soul fragrance. Then your life becomes a beautiful gift to the world. You are then able to serve and fulfill the needs of those who come to you in a very powerful, effective way.

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