The operation of the Sri Chakra is one of the highest and most powerful teachings to come out of India in this century.  The Sri Chakra is the home of Mother Divine, it is the Mother's energy structure and Her creation mechanism.  Every angle of every direction of the universe is covered by the Sri Chakra.

Learning how to operate the Sri Chakra has been a long-held secret that was handed down through the lineages of saints, protected and kept secret for thousands of years.  Only a few were given access.  Sri Kaleswar, a modern day Indian saint, shared this ancient  knowledge and taught the Sri Chakra personally to a handful of western students in 1998—the first time the system had been taught to a Westerner.

This knowledge reveals the formulas to develop a direct personal channel to the Divine and, if desired, understand the inner mechanics of the highest spiritual experiences such as seeing and talking with angels or divine souls,  how to gain and operate the asta siddhis (supernatural abilities), how to discover and connect to God, how to send energy and healing to anyone anywhere in the universe, soul travel, or changing a soul's astrology. The list goes on. Whatever the highest levels of spiritual success and experience are, the Sri Chakra is fundamental in making them happen. If you really know the Sri Chakra,  are able to experience its knowledge and how to operate it, you are a spiritual master. 

In this course you will learn:

+ How to draw the Sri Chakra yantra precisely and accurately
+ How to pronounce the bijaksharas (seed words) and mantras associated with this yantra
+ Dikshas (instructions) on how to charge the mantras and yantra together to operate the creation energy
+ How to draw the Sri Chakra onto copper sheets and use it as a power object

This course includes the following:

+ Sri Chakra energy process initiation
+ 6 week course that meets once a week for 1.5 hours
+ 1-on-1 meeting with Ramakrishna
+ Workbook that includes all the information being taught in the class
+ Shaktipat (energy transmission) and weekly meditations
+ Copper sheet for creating the Sri Chakra
+ Fire Puja to charge the copper Sri Chakra
+ Unlimited access to class recordings
+ New and Full Moon Fire Ceremonies

Price: $504

Scholarships, Seva & Payment Plans

Sri Kaleshwar’s mission was to create spiritual masters throughout the world, especially in the West. In turn, his students’ sacred duty is to use this ancient knowledge to teach, to heal, and to bring enlightenment to all who seek it.  Therefore we have come up with scholarships, payment plans and seva incentives to make this knowledge available to all.

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Learn more about the power of Mantras + Yantras.

More on the Sri Chakra

Direct understanding of the Sri Chakra prepares you for the stages of connecting to Mother Divine in both her energetic and physical form. In order to prepare for the experience of receiving Her darshan, it is important to deeply understand the structure of Her energy; and to directly understand the Creation ‘center point’—the nada bindu—the point where the Mother balances the energy coming into and out of Creation. Everything in Creation enters and exits through this center point. It is through the nada bindu that you can pull the siddhis, the eight powers of Mother Divine, which are the tools to cut through the illusion. In this process, through the study and application of the Sri Chakra yantra—a soul energy diagram or ‘blueprint’— in conjunction with specific mantra meditation practices your soul becomes highly charged and divinely purified with Her energy. 

Sri Chakra covers everything. All energies are there:

1st Nimba Rekha – You can see past lives and do soul reading on others.

2nd Shakti Rekha – It is the highest spiritual energy. Gives total fulfillment of spiritual desires. It works directly on the Nada Bindu.

3rd Viyoga Rekha - For fertility, birthing, midwifery, anything to do with pregnancy. For healthy pregnancy and delivery.

4th Akasha Rekha – It has the highest magnetism to attract anything in Nature. It fulfills material desires. It gives highest healing energy. Magnetizes health, name, fame and people to you.

5th Bhuum Shakti Rekha – This is for healing at a distance.

6th Gagana Rekha – Deeply works with the Nada Bindu and gives siddhis.

For anyone who wants to win Mother Divine, even a powerful healer, saint or siddha, has to go through the Sri Chakra. You need to be able to access the Sri Chakra’s energy, to carry that divine soul fragrance. Then your life becomes a beautiful gift to the world. You are then able to serve and fulfill the needs of those who come to you in a very powerful, effective way.
— Sri Kaleswhar