Ramakrishna offers spiritual guidance to anyone looking to increase inner peace, quiet the mind, increase happiness and awaken the soul's capacity. 

Spiritual counseling sessions are perfect for students who would like to:

  • Release heartbreak, depression, and negative relationships
  • Clear personal blocks such as fear, anxiety, jealousy
  • Discover life's purpose (dharma)
  • Bring prosperity and success in business and personal life
  • Create protection circles around you
  • Raise your soul vibration and increase your peace
  • Heal abuse, abandonment and childhood wounds

Donation + Payment Plans

Ramakrishna believe it’s his sacred duty to teach, to heal, and to bring enlightenment to all who seek it.  Therefore anyone in need of healing will not be turned away due to costs.  If you are unable to afford a session please email kayla@paramashiva.org to see what options are available to you.