Friday, June 22nd     6:00 am

We will meet at 6:00 am to start the meditation and be in the water by 6:20 for the sunrise.

The Surya Sunrise Meditation is a powerful technique for harnessing the sun's energy to pull the highest cosmic energy, purify negativity, open and increase third eye capabilities and to activate self-healing.   

Once we receive your RSVP, we will send you details on where to meet.


The Summer Solstice Surya meditation is a dakshina (donation) based event. 
Suggested donation: $20.

Surya Sunrise Meditation Process


Why do the saints of India gather in the holy Ganges river every morning before sunrise?  What is the inner secrecy of this process?  If you are interested in learning the Surya Meditation techniques to prepare for this event, we will be offering a class on Saturday, June 16. 

This knowledge is an advanced teaching and powerful technique for opening your third eye capabilities. Sri Kaleshwar shared the following:

"The main purpose of the sun is to generate the energy in the universe. To give the energy for the nature to flow and at the same time remove the darkness.  90% of the highest healing power in the universe is hidden in the sun.  

When you connect to the sun energy through the perfect prayers and process, you can begin to hear the sounds of the different souls talking — the angels, the souls, and the spirits.  You can see the creation moving around you because the sun is the biggest witness. 

Who does such type of things is called a holy person, a powerful soul, an enlightenment soul. That ability, that power and energy you can receive through this ancient Surya process. It comes by connecting to the inner cosmic energy of the Sun. "