Ramakrishna has been working as healer and spiritual counselor for over 25 years.  He first apprenticed and worked alongside Don Miguel Ruiz in the Toltec tradition of healing before moving to India for 15 years where he trained under super natural healer and saint, Sri Kaleshwar.

    The body is carrying a lot of disease and pain—body aches, stomachaches, headaches.  At the same time the mind, heart, and soul are also carrying a lot of pain.  There’s only one perfect medicine— to gain soul capacity, soul energy. 

    The soul is the real healer. When your soul receives the right energy, your soul is capable of healing any disease, and solving any problem in your life.

    Sai Shakti healing sessions can transform and heal anything including:

    • anxiety
    • heartbreak and depression
    • drug and other addictions
    • chronic or untreatable diseases of all kinds
    • cancer
    • autism and learning disabilities
    • clearing of negative energy influences