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Join Ramakrishna online every week for a beautiful spiritual talk and meditation that's open to students of all levels.  In these weekly gatherings Ramakrishna introduces and discusses various aspects essential for spiritual growth, realization, and enlightenment. 

Satsang is Sanskrit word meaning "truth community". While it is commonly used to simply mean a spiritual gathering or discourse, satsang is a critical component of spiritual life.  In India saints gather often to learn from each other and deepen their understanding and realization of Truth.

Satsangs are fully supported by dakshina (donation).  Dakshina is a sanskrit word that means “offering in gratitude to the teacher”.  If you are enjoying the satsangs and feel so inclined, please help support the Paramashiva Healing Center. 

Please enjoy access to our library of past satsangs below.



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JUNE 16, 2019

APRIL 14, 2019



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JUNE 30, 2019

JULY 14, 2019

Gurupurnima Weekend Message

JULY 7, 2019

Gurupurnima, dymanics of how to receive Divine Blessings.

JUNE 30, 2019

Preparing for Guru Purnima.

JUNE 23, 2019

Silence and Brahma Consciousness

JUNE 9, 2019

Maya, Negativity & Illusions.

JUNE 2, 2019

Swami and Mother Divine Darshan

MAY 26, 2019

Discussion of Shirdi Baba —Avadhut, Dakshina, Karma Siddhantha, and making deals with Baba.

MAY 19, 2019

Continued reading from Sri Kaleshwar’s The Divine Mystery Fort with discussion on dharma, surrender, and some personal stories with Swami.

MAY 12, 2019

Messages and readings from Sri Kaleshwar’s The Divine Mystery Fort continued; Shirdi Baba, Swami’s first meeting with Baba, Baba’s character, the student—master relationship.

MAY 5, 2019

Messages and readings from Sri Kaleshwar’s The Divine Mystery Fort continued; the end of student slavism.

APRIL 28, 2019

Messages and readings from Sri Kaleshwar’s The Divine Mystery Fort.

APRIL 21, 2019

Ramakrishna discusses Easter, Jesus, and the Resurrection as written in the ancient palm leaf manuscripts.

MARCH 24, 2019

How do we create and maintain divine vibrations in our life?

MARCH 17, 2019

Why do we go through hard times? Why do the saints suffer? Why do the biggest messages only come in the fire?

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