New Year's Message from Ramakrishna

Hello my dear divine souls. Happy New Year's to everyone. Today is the most most auspicious day, any moment can mark the beginning of a new life but on New Year's we do it as a group, as a unity.

Peace and love are fundamental aspects of our true nature. When we identify rwith the truer, deeper aspects of our being these qualities are natural and effortless.

I hope you take this time to reflect deeply on the purpose of your life. What is the purpose we came on this planet? In these 5 Elements, we have to go to the darkness first so we can know the light. Without knowing the darkness, without walking through the illusions personally, we can't know the value of the light.

So we're born into this beautiful illusion and the game starts. Ok, fine. There's pleasure, there's pain. There's light, there's dark. There's divine, there's evil.  It's been there since the beginning and it will all be there until the creation is over. Please try to recognize that!

I know your pain. I know what it is to walk in this life with huge heartbreak and suffering and hopelessness. It's seems so pointless, random, fleeting, and unfair until we really recognize what's going on. Until we experience that amazing light inside of us, that amazing divinity that's already there, it feels like a kind of cruel punishment. That's hell. 

Once we are able to experience the deeper levels of our being, our soul and divine consciousness, everything completely changes. It is quite exactly like waking from a nightmare. Or, as Don Miguel used to tell me, like suddenly being the only sober person at a party where everyone is drunk. All that drama and hardship and pain and anger simply evaporate in the light of truth, or at least a more true understanding and experience of our Self.

Even though its so clear that the Divine is within each of us, just understanding it is not enough to realize that.  Like taking sugar from sugar cane, or the water out of a coconut, or the ghee from milk, or the huge oak tree from the small acorn, it's a process.  It occurs over time. All we need is the perfect information, process, and a competent guide to start. Then the work is in your own hands. Over time, any person can bloom their soul tree—their divine nature.

There are many ways. Many paths and traditions. This is one. I can only tell you it works. Thousands have followed and practiced this ancient knowledge and thousands have had incredible, life-changing experiences. From supernatural healing to the highest divine experiences to miracle powers. These are all nothing but knowing how to operate the soul. 

I can't speak for other traditions or paths, I can only tell you I am walking this one and the results are beyond anything I could have imagined. My life is a heaven. Not because I've done anything great in the world. I haven't. I can only tell you that the words of the ancient sages and masters are true in my experience. As Jesus said, the kingdom of Heaven is within. 

If you find yourself jumping from path to path, working hard but still unsatisfied on that deepest level within, I want to let you know that this path, this knowledge and these practices, are the cool, sweet water to your soul.

Your body will change. Day by day it is getting older. One day we will all die. What will you do with the time you have? What will you feel at those last moments, last days of your life? When you step out of your body, what will you have done with this magnificent gift of a human life? Will you still be attached to the things of the world which will then be out of your reach? How many lifetimes will you have to go through until you recognize that you are a soul and that the body is the instrument through which you can develop? 

The body exists for the soul to use, not the other way around. Think deeply. If you are ready, so am I. Quenching your soul thirst is the only way out of this circle of drama and illusions. 

. Let's win the game. Let's stand for the peace. Let's stand for the love. Let's stand for the things we know we are, the things we know are right, even when everything in the world says it's different. It's a process to know who we are. We have to cultivate these divine qualities, even though they're already inside of us.

So let's start our new life today. Let's begin developing that "real" self. That part that our heart is aching to get back to. Let's be a service to ourselves and others by standing for the peace, standing for the love, standing for the light. Standing means embodying these things, developing these things within ourselves. It doesn't just come by itself. We have to take action. On the cusp of this New Year, together let's stand for a new way of life, a new way of being. With ourselves and with others.

High vibrations are flowing so strongly today. Let's utilize that. Take advantage of that and use it to feed our soul, our silence, our bliss, our love, our God. I really really recommend to maintain silence today as much as possible. Nothing in the world will stop because you're in silence except unnecessary suffering. Take this day to contemplate your new life. To remember who you are and to remember who you want to be and to make it happen. Right now. Now. Now. Always now.

So my dear divine souls, I love you so much. My love and prayers are with each of you on this holy and auspicious day. You're in my heart.