JC Channels

The JC Channels™ are one of the crown jewels of spiritual mastery. The greatest spiritual masters throughout history practiced these 18 power channels. In the ancient Vedic tradition, they are called the Saptarishi channels. Swami Kaleshwar has given them a new name: the JC Channels™. In all of history, Jesus was the top person to win these channels; he had the highest success. Because of this, Jesus’ energy is deeply connected to these channels and his direct blessings go to those who win them. 

In order to be successful in winning these supreme channels your soul must be ready to implement the Creation energy through demonstrating miracles. The purpose of winning these channels is to become a divine soul—a purna avatar. A purna avatar is a soul who understands the dream and drama of this life and the mystery of life and death and can show others the true reality.

Through these channels you directly understand the inner mechanisms of the divine reality, the truth about life and death and the mechanisms implementing that truth including how to perform the highest miracles and awaken the soul’s capabilities. Furthermore, you can chart a person’s soul character by directly feeling their soul’s vibration. You can have a direct conversation with another person’s soul and so can wash out their karmas very quickly.

Jesus said, “When two or more gather in my name there am I in the midst of them.” For the JC Channels™ the majority of the processes are performed in groups which helps build powerful protection circles for each soul by linking the souls energetically through group unity. Historically, lack of unity is one of the main reasons for failure in spiritual processes. It’s easier for negativity to disturb a single individual than it is to disturb a group with a strong soul connection. Every member of the group is linked and is responsible for and committed to each other. It’s part of the system to bring the highest success not only in your own process and the group’s, but to ensure passing this knowledge on to future generations.

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