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Ramakrishna and Mindy share their vision and inspiration for their upcoming journey to India.



India is the birthplace of Yoga, so it is only natural that our power journeys would grow to encompass the powerful techniques and teachings that provide a roadmap to quiet the body, mind and soul. For our first yoga journey, we have partnered with a beautiful yogini, teacher and guide, Mindy Searcey.



Join us for a trip of a lifetime to some of the most powerful places on the planet!

We are going for a pure energy experience visiting temples, purifying ourselves in the Ganges, meditating in caves where Rishis meditated and absorbing the vibrations of the earth where Saints and Yogis have walked, lived and taught.

This journey is about YOU… The Divine YOU… the Real YOU! Using ancient meditation and mantra systems, we’ll open ourselves to the channels of Light that are stored in the highly-charged land of India.

Mindy will offer multiple daily Yoga practices to integrate the energy, elevate your spirit and deepen your connection to the divine that lives within using techniques from Hatha flow to Kundalini. Mindy has the skill and training to support any student at any level so all are welcome!

This is a journey that is about laying down what no longer serves you and creating space to live the life you truly want to live now and always.


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We meet as a group in Mumbai, India and our spiritual journey begins at the samadhi of Shirdi Sai Baba, asking for his blessings and guidance. Shirdi Baba is arguably one of the most well-known saints in all of India and Shirdi has become on of the top spiritual destinations for people of all beliefs and religions. Even though he died in 1918, he is still very present and thousands of people have miraculous experiences with him since his death. This was the first stop on the power journey Ramakrishna took in 1997 and every journey since, so it is highly auspicious that it is our first stop as well!

We then head to Rishikesh, the jewel of India, that rests in the foothills of the Himalayas where the crystal clear waters of the Ganges flow down from the mountains. Our daily yoga practices will have an idyllic view over the heavenly landscape.

And not only is Rishikesh one of the most beautiful places in India, it is the birthplace of the modern yoga movement, and home to some of the most powerful temples in India.



+ Daily yoga practices with Mindy using mantra, meditation and movement
+ Daily satsangs (spiritual discussions) with Ramakrishna
+ Water process in the Ganges river (considered to be the holiest river on the planet and a living goddess)
+ Sacred fire ceremonies for purification and burning of karmas
+ Visit the ashram and samadhi of Amanda Mayi Ma
+ Visit powerful Shakti temples and receive the blessings of the divine feminine
+ Visit a Shiva temple with breath-taking views and receive the blessings of the divine masculine
+ Explore the “Beattles Ashram” where the Beattles lived and practiced meditation and yoga
+ Visit the Holy city of Haridwar

“This journey is for those ready to deepen their inner connection with the Divine.”

January 28 - February 7, 2020


+ Daily teachings & practices with Ramakrishna & Mindy
+ 5 Star hotels with breakfast included
+ Full time Journey Facilitator (Kayla), Private Guides and Driver
+ Temple entrance fees and special rituals
+ All transportation within India
+ Registration is Double Occupancy

PRICING: $3600
Early Bird: $3400 (book by August 30, 2019)
Late Registration: $3800 (after November 15th, 2019)
Single Occupancy: +$1000
Previous Traveler Discount: $3300*
*This discount applies only to travelers who have been on an India journey.

Payment Schedule:
$950 Deposit due immediately to hold spot.
1st Payment Due: August 15th
2nd Payment Due: October 15th
Final Payment Due: December 15th


Ready to Register?
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Ramakrishna in caves along the Ganges river in Rishikesh.

Ramakrishna in caves along the Ganges river in Rishikesh.

Ramakrishna lived and study with supernatural Indian saint, Swami Kaleshwar, for 15 years.  Sri Kaleshwar’s life mission was to release the top ancient knowledge that has been alive for thousands of years but kept hidden, being passed to only one or perhaps two students through a continuous lineage in India. 

Part of this knowledge was how to access and utilize the energy available at power spots as well as Shakti healing and enlightenment techniques. This knowledge will be shared and experienced during the journey.

Through sharing what he has learned Ramakrishna's ambition is the same as Sri Kaleshwar's: To create spiritual masters, not students.


Mindy after a yoga class, Namaste.

Mindy after a yoga class, Namaste.


Mindy has practiced Yoga for over 22 years and taught for 20 years. Her deep well of knowledge is phenomenal. She studied with Iyengar for 12 years in Hatha Yoga and then expanded her practice to include Kundalini Yoga which includes mantra, meditation, & mudras.

She found Yoga to be a path to calming her mind as well as her body and easing the overall anxious state. The more she grew in her own Yoga studies, the more certain she became that she is here to share the many great benefits she experienced emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually from practicing Yoga. 

Mindy taught extensively throughout the US before opening her studio in the North Georgia mountains that she now calls home. Her love of travels brings her all over the world where she offers retreats in some of her favorite places… like India!

“Yoga won’t take away the anxiety, the triggers or the pain. Yoga will help you to find a way to understand yourself better, be healthy, be more compassionate and feel and overall since of peacefulness.”


Kayla at a Shiva temple in Varanasi.

Kayla at a Shiva temple in Varanasi.


Kayla is the coordinator for this journey and your point-person for all questions to help you get ready for this incredible experience! Kayla went on her first power journey ten years ago and a seed was planted to one day offer these same life-changing experiences to others.

She’s been on journeys to Morocco, Israel, India & Assisi. During a yoga retreat in Tahiti as the sun was rising over ocean, she set the intention to one day offer programs where people got to experience some of the most powerful places on the planet with spiritual masters.

Her dream became a reality and now she runs all of the Paramashiva power journeys!

She’s happy to answer any questions you might have and you can always reach her at


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“I am not sure I know where to start, other than there was not one thing I would of change with this trip to India! From the beginning (meaning before we even left for the trip) the communication was in place. We had multiple zoom calls to start to inform us on how to properly prepare for this power journey. Which is just what I needed to take on this type of travel. They all set the standard high when it came to letting us know we would be safe and that this journey would be a experience that would bring such beautiful change into our lives.

When I am asked how my trip it India was my respond every time is this... ”It was magical, I would not have changed one thing!”

The last thing I have to include would be to let others know that are interested that you will be lead by a group of passionate, knowledgeable, spiritual leaders that share their wisdom through gatherings and taking you to well planned out power spots… I believe the most powerful energy spots in the world. You will leave India a better version of yourself, with tools and energy that will continue to change your live and others surrounding you.  Give yourself this gift and take this journey!”

- Andrea H.


“I’d like to give a special thanks to Kayla and RK for the most memorable India trip. Not only for the wealth of knowledge but also the willingness to share by RK at each one of the holy destinations. There were incredibly powerful sacred times as well as special welcomes and  ceremonies held for us at different temples and sites throughout the journey. 

Not having to worry about accommodations or travel arrangements was made possible by Kayla who had 31 of us traveling between 5-6 cities starting in Mumbai via bus, taxi, airplane and rickshaws! She truly made it so easy and fun that worries were never part of the equation. Thank you for the most incredible spiritual and utopia trip around India!” 

- Astrid L.

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“India has a very long history, longer then the mind can appreciate. It must be experienced to be appreciated. Your guides on this journey understand and bring out that aspect. I am grateful I did this trip and will do it again. You should too!”

- Greg S.


“This is a perfect journey for anyone seeking to dive deeper into the realm of our soul. Knowing is one thing, but experiencing it is something else all together. With like minded souls, we search for the truth of who we really are. It’s special, it’s magical & it’s powerful. If you are open to it, it goes beyond anything you ever imagined. Love is present and you carry it with you from the first day to the rest of your life!”

- Patricia

“The India Power Journey was a gift to my soul!  The amazing teachers guided us seamlessly through some of the most powerful temples in India and taught us the spiritual truth behind each location.  The blessings from this journey will flow for eternity!”

- Todd. D


India Photography by: Julie Cimpko and Michelle Larson