Daily Itinerary

We have a wonderful journey planned that will take us across the North of India visiting some of the most powerful temples and holy spots there are.  While we have a wonderful itinerary planned, we will stay flexible and have energy be our guide



Nov. 4th        Arrival into Mumbai. ITC Grand Hotel Mumbai
Nov 5th        Group meeting, Shopping, Resting or Temple visit



Nov 6th        Breakfast in Mumbai and depart for Tryambakeshwara Templ in Nasik Temple

On the way to Shirdi we will stop in Nasik and visit a famous temple where the Tryambakeshwara Shiva Lingam resides and is worshipped. This temple is one of the 12 Jyothir Shiva Lingams, the holiest and most powerful temples of Shiva. This temple is unique in that the Shiva Lingam here is one of a kind as it is created from three lingams, each one representing one of the three aspects of God (Brahma, the Generator; Vishnu, the Operator; and Shiva, the Destroyer). This Shiva lingam is Svayumbhu, which means self created, i.e. it is not man-made.



Nov 7th        Shirdi Baba in the temple town of Shirdi,  St Lauren Hotel and Spa
Nov 8th        Upasani Maharaj and surrounding temples of Shirdi
Nov 9th        Fly to Rishikesh.   The Ganga Kinare Hotel on the Ganges River

Shirdi is the living place and remains of Shirdi Sai Baba, who is considered an Avatara, a divine incarnation and is the most universally revered saint in India.  Reading about the stories and experiences of Baba and those around him is something wonderful and strongly recommended.  Recommended reading below.



Nov 9th        Fly to Rishikesh   The Ganga Kinare Hotel on the Ganges River
Nov 10th      A day at the shore of the Ganges Meditating in the Vasistha and Jesus Cave. Lunch                           in the Glasshouse Hotel with afternoon process followed by group meeting
Nov 11th    Sunrise Baptism in the Ganges; afternoon chanting in the Beetles Ashram, evening Aarati                   
Nov 12th    Your Option: Rafting on the Ganges or visiting the Neelakanta Temple
Nov 13th    Haridwar visiting the Samadhi of Anandamayi Ma and other ancient temples



Nov 13th    Fly to Kolkata
Nov 14th    Yogananda's Temples and Home, Dakshineswar Kali and Ramakrishna Temples
Nov 15th    Yogananda Guru Sri Yukteswar's temple in Serampore, Belur Math
Nov. 16th    Return Home