Holy Womb Chakra Process

The Holy Womb Chakra Process is a 7000-year-old system of healing revealed by the ancient sages through a few specific palm leaf manuscripts. It is the key to the right understanding and use of kama, sexual energy and desire. We can heal our relationships and the negative effects from them and develop a channel through the right use of sexual energy in a relationship to create healing, unconditional love, and soul bliss. This process contains easy-to-use step-by-step formulas that combine mantra (vibration) and yantra (sacred diagram).

Though kama, sexual union, is the root cause of so much suffering in our lives, it is absolutely “necessary to be involved in kama to know yourself.” The Holy Womb Chakra process purifies and strengthens our Womb Chakra. The essence of who we are, that ineffable personal quality of your individual soul, is carried through lifetimes by the womb chakra. Women have a physical womb chakra while the male womb chakra in only energetic.

The physical womb chakra is the reason women have the greatest spiritual potential, ten times more powerful than men. This knowledge has been lost,  and we can see the result in today's world. 

For millennia, people worshipped the Divine Mother’s womb. They recognized the womb was the sacred place we all came from, the source of all life, all creation, and all possibilities. It is the supernatural creative power of the Divine Mother hidden in every soul.The entire Creation is hidden in you. Miraculous energy is hidden in you. But how to discover that?  It is hidden in the most powerful chakra in the human body, the Womb Chakra. This chakra is beyond all chakras and is a direct link, the direct channel, to Mother Divine's creation capacity.

Purifying the Womb Chakra Makes Your Life Dazzling

Day-to-Day Life:

  • Healing Physical Disease and Heartbreak
  • Healing Romantic Relationships – Past and Present
  • Attracting and Recognizing Your Soul Mate
  • Transforming Negative Tendencies
  • Healing the Connection With Your Birth Mother
  • Healing Your Children
  • Stabilizing Unbalanced Sexual Energy in Teenagers
  • Controlling and Balancing Excessive Sexual Energy
  • Protecting Against Sexual Harassment
  • Releasing Fear and Bringing Peace into Your Life
  • Developing Unconditional Love
  • Learning to Heal with Kama

Spiritual Life:

  • Learning to Manifest with Cosmic Energy
  • Awakening Healing Abilities
  • Developing Brahma (God) Consciousness
  • Receiving Siddhis (Miraculous Abilities)
  • Conceiving and Developing Spiritually Awakened Children
  • Connecting and Reconnecting with the Divine Mother
  • Implementing Yogas

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