The Five Elements Course

Unlocking one's consciousness, quieting the mind, and developing profound peace and stillness within are all conditions of experiencing one's consciousness and developing the soul. Working at the level of the mind can bring change but it is quite difficult, limited in its scope, and takes a long, long time. The Five Elements healing system works on the level of the soul through purifying and charging the Five Elements within our own body. Once these are activated it creates a permanent connection to the divine energies flowing in and around us at all times. It literally connects you to the Nature. Without a connection to Nature, there simply is no spirituality or spiritual progress.

The purification of the five elements through powerful vibration mantras is what awakens a person’s divine channels. The five elements—earth, fire, sky (ether or space), water and air—are the five pillars of Creation and when a master awakens the spiritual energy in a student, the hidden mechanism causing the awakening is the five elements’ energy. 

The Five Elements Process is a profound and powerful sadhana for purifying the illusions around  the soul, to heal the mind and heart and begin to recognize who you are.

The process of charging the mantras takes anywhere between 6 - 9 months.  This special course has been created to offer you on-going support and access from Ramakrishna over the duration of your sadhana (meditation practice) to ensure your success.

This course is offered online and will be live every week. Classes will be recorded so that you can go back and re-watch them or access them if you miss a week.

What's Included:

+ Shaktipat initiation
+ Upadesh (sacred process of receiving a personal mantra)
+ Weekly online classes you can join live or watch the recording at your convenience
+ Private consultations with Ramakrishna for spiritual guidance and further instruction
** (either in person or via phone or skype) **
+ Unlimited access via email for questions and support through the entire 5 Element Process
+ Sacred fire puja blessing for success of your process
+ Workbook and .pdf with detailed instructions on the mantras and yantra
+ Video and audio recordings for additional support and instruction

Scholarships, Seva & Payment Plans

Sri Kaleshwar’s mission was to create spiritual masters throughout the world, especially in the West. In turn, his students’ sacred duty is to use this ancient knowledge to teach, heal, and bring enlightenment to all who seek it.  Therefore we have come up with scholarships, payment plans and seva incentives to make this knowledge available to all sincere students..

Email to learn more and apply.


Anyone interested in working or studying with Ramakrisha is welcome to schedule a free initial consultation.