A sacred fire ceremony (puja) is one of the most powerful spiritual practices you can do.  A fire ceremony fills your soul with the highest divine energy.  Any stress and negativity you are carrying is put into the fire and burned.  The destruction of stuck energy and old karma frees you to create something beautiful and new in it's place.

Fire pujas are held at the grounds of the Paramashiva Healing Center in Blanco, TX.

2475 Crabapple Rd.
Blanco, TX 78606.

** Occasionally pujas are delayed, postponed or cancelled due to weather so make sure to RSVP to get updates. **

What to bring:

+ Blanket/Chair to sit on
+ Dakshina donation of $10 (donations are used to purchase puja supplies)
+ Flowers, incense, or white rice (optional)
+ Brown coconut to use for your personal blessing (optional)


Offer a Coconut for Yourself or a Loved One

The ancient sages always began any effort or auspicious activity by offering a coconut with their prayers. This is a hidden spiritual mechanism to receive blessings for success.  The coconut represents us and the hard shell of our egos, that when 'cracked' and released, reveals the purity and divine consciousness within us.

If you’re not able to join a fire puja, offer­ing a coconut is a way to receive heal­ing energy trans­mis­sions and divine support for your dharma.  You can also offer coconuts on behalf of others.

** You will be asked to include the full name, birthdate, mother and father's name (if known), and prayer/intention for either yourself or the person for whom you are buying the coconut.

Offer a Coconut
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